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Collision Repair Process

Whether this is the first time you've ever had to take your car to the body shop or the fiftieth, knowing what to expect can make the process less stressful. At Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision, here's how our collision repair process works.

Step 1: Estimate

Our auto body repairers will inspect your vehicle and catalog all visible damages. We then enter that data into our high-tech computer estimate system to create an initial estimate of what your repairs will cost. At Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision, our collision repair shop strives to bring you the most accurate estimates right from the get-go, but often there is hidden damage that is impossible to see until the entire vehicle is disassembled.

Step 2: Insurance approval

Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision will liaise directly with your insurance company, who will review your auto collision repair estimate and negotiate on price and procedures. It is at this point your insurance company determines whether the vehicle is reparable at all. Once we've received approval from your insurance company, we can move on to the repairs themselves.

Step 3: Disassembly

Our auto body repair pros begin by carefully dissembling your vehicle. Once we've removed the body panels and other components, hidden damage is often discovered. We'll evaluate any damage we discover during disassembly, adjust the estimate, and have your insurance company approve the additional work. This may require additional inspection from your insurance company.

Step 4: Parts order

After our professionals have determined the full extent of your repairs, Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision will order all of the necessary parts. Most of these should arrive at our auto body shop quickly, but some may take longer, including special order parts. Until all structural parts arrive at our collision repair shop, we cannot begin repairs.

Step 5: Structure repair

When we have all of the parts on hand, our autobody repairers will begin with the frame repair. Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision has the latest technology in unibody and frame straightening available, and we work slowly and carefully to make certain your frame or unibody is returned to the precise factory specifications. Our body shop utilizes a high-tech computer monitoring system to make certain your frame is repaired to the exact proper measurements.

Step 6: Body repair

Once the frame is repaired, we can reinstall the exterior panels.

Step 7: Automotive paint

Now that the frame is straight and the panels have been replaced, our autobody repairers can move on to paint. At Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision, we don't cut corners when it comes to auto collision repair, including paint. We carefully prep all surfaces, prime and seal them, and then apply the color and seal coat. This provides for superior adhesion of all your car paint layers and ensures the final result is as beautiful and resilient as possible.

Step 8: Reassembly

The final pieces of molding and trim are reinstalled, and our experts check all vehicle systems at this point. Your collision repairs are almost done.

Step 9: Detailing

Collision auto repair can be a pretty messy process, so Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision details every vehicle before we return it to its owner. We remove any and all dust that has accumulated during the repair process and then road test your car or truck to evaluate its performance. Before we return your car to you, we always perform a series of final inspections that confirm the vehicle has been fully repaired.

Step 10: Delivery

Your body shop repairs completed, we return your car or truck to you. We'll review the final bill with you to explain all of the repairs and answer any questions you may have. When you drive away from Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision, your vehicle will be completely returned to its pre-accident condition!