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Frame Straightening

Car wrecks can take a major toll on your car or truck: looking at that crushed bumper or twisted fender panel shows that these components need to be repaired. But the very structure of your car can also be impacted when you're in an accident, inflicting damage on your frame or unibody that isn't readily apparent when you look at your vehicle. But that doesn't make frame repair any less important. In fact, because it affects the overall handling and safety of your car or truck, frame straightening is actually more important that cosmetic collision repairs! If you've been in an accident and you suspect that you need auto frame repair, don't wait to call. Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision is the body shop you can trust for professional frame straightening and precision repairs. We even offer towing services so you don't have to drive an unsafe car or truck to our body shop. Specializing in complete, correct auto body shop repairs, Tom's Auto Refinishing is your answer for frame repair on Long Island. Contact us today!

Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision- Cars in a GarageToday's frames and unibodies are designed to flex, bend, and crush in a controlled manner when your vehicle is involved in an accident. This helps minimize injuries to the driver and passengers alike, but once these elements have absorbed all that energy, they're often misaligned and in need of repair. Frame straightening from Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision can help get your vehicle back to where it needs to be, repairing your frame to provide proper handling and even safety in the event of a future accident.

When you bring your car to Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision for car frame straightening, we use both our 30 years of experience in the body repair industry and the latest technology to make certain your frame is arrow straight. With precise measurements from our computer monitoring system, we can slowly and carefully shift your unibody or frame back into position and get your ride back to a drivable condition.

Frame repair is a serious job, and at Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision, we treat it that way. When you choose our frame straighteners, you're putting your safety in our hands. That's why we put our three decades of expertise to work on every job! We make certain that any components that are damaged beyond repair have been identified and replaced, and we work meticulously to perform accurate, complete frame repairs. Whether your frame is twisted and bent or just a little askew, Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision works hard to keep you—and your family—safe with expert frame repairs. For your free estimate or to learn more about our car frame repair process, please contact us now.

Keep in mind that frame damage can be both obvious and hidden, so make certain a qualified frame straightener or body shop looks at your vehicle after a crash. At Tom's Auto Refinishing & Collision, we'll be able to accurately measure and inspect your frame to identify any damage. And with our high-tech auto frame repair computers and equipment, we're able to precisely restore your vehicle's frame to its factory specifications. Don't risk it: call our team for your frame inspection and repairs.

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